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We’re Big Rock, LifeScience Marketing Specialists.

We turn the complex into the compelling.

    • A new benchmark for scientific creativity.

      No more stock photography of scientists in lab coats, peering through a test tube. We are fundamentally changing the game for life-sciences marketing, embracing emotive storytelling, exquisite design craft and pioneering technologies to reach customers in powerful, often unexpected ways.

      See our Sciex ESG Case Study.
    • Don’t just launch products, skyrocket them.

      Entrenched views are commonplace across the scientific community, so when it comes to launching a new product, same-same is simply not an option. We take a bold, disruptive approach to getting our clients noticed, finding original ways to challenge conventional thinking and command your customers’ interest.

      See our Sciex Product Launches Case Study.
    • Out-innovate your competition.

      The power of innovation should carry through every stage of your customer journey. From immersive lead generation to interactive product experiences, we encourage brands to practice what they pitch. Your competition is certain to be working on new marketing technologies, the question is, are you a step ahead?

      See our Sciex ESG Case Study
    • The art and science of reaching high value customers.

      Life science customers are among the most discerning in the B2B landscape, with high-value products and services acquired with increasing scrutiny. We invest in our team’s knowledge of life sciences, equipping them with the tools and expertise to understand the rational messages and uncover the emotional insights that drive customer conversion.

    Our Services

    Creative Strategy

    Our strategy team combines deep research and sector expertise with a broader, cross-vertical curiosity to land insights that invoke action.

    Product Launches

    Supercharge your product go-to-market strategy. From compelling keynotes to captivating campaigns, we find the idea and channel mix that’ll power new revenue pipeline.

    Brand Campaigns

    From proposition development to creative execution, we find unique ways to tell your brand story, embedding you firmly in both the hearts and minds of your customers.

    Social Media Activation

    Build your owned channels and help lead the conversation with a clear social strategy and agile activation, using data and cultural insights to inform a connected plan.

    Event & Trade Shows

    Turn events into experiences by embracing creativity and innovation. Whether using mixed reality immersion or social activation, your brand can live well beyond the live event date.

    Lead Generation

    Reach new prospects through a combination of full-funnel messaging strategy, impactful creative, high-value content and data-informed media planning and execution.