Big Rock further expands its performance team

Despite the challenging conditions we’ve all faced over the last 9 months, we’re proud to announce that we have brought on 6 new members to the Big Rock team since March, bolstering our performance team with new skills and talent.  It’s been a hugely exciting year for us – with businesses becoming increasingly aware of the importance of improving their online visibility, we’ve been able to provide our clients, old and new, with some great results, even during a global pandemic.

With new clients comes new responsibilities and we’ve been fortunate enough to be able to recruit 6 talented individuals to support our growth. Bring on the next 9 months!

Find out a bit about our newbies below:


Digital Project Manager

“I started my career in e-mail marketing, managing a range of dynamic emails for Odeon and before moving onto a more digitally focused PM role across several agencies. I have over 10 years of experience in managing FMCG clients across website optimisation, display campaign localisation, website design and build.  When I’m not at work I like to watch movies, go hiking and spend time with the little one. I love travelling and exploring local cuisines especially in southeast Asia.”


Digital Account Director

“I’m Australian, have been living in London the last 4.5 years and have been working in sales & marketing for the last 12 years. have worked with clients across B2B & B2C including Gordon Ramsay Restaurants, Lords Cricket Ground, Cambridge University, and Sony. I enjoy working with clients to understand their businesses and effect change through their marketing strategy. I am a problem solver and strategist helping businesses realise their potential to improve their online sales & lead generation activities.

Outside of work I enjoy travelling, catching up with friends and discovering new experiences & cultures – and cooking (essentially everything that we’re not allowed to do at the moment!)”

Reason for joining Big Rock?

“I met with several agencies, but I was excited to join an agency that genuinely helps businesses grow.  Being in a culture that is built around client performance and supported with bleeding-edge creative is the reason I got into advertising”


Paid Digital Media Manager

“I started my career in paid media at an agency in Brazil, working with small and national Brazilian brands and later, when I moved to the UK, with sports brands such as Under Armour, Adidas and Puma. I am passionate about science and applying user behaviour to improve paid media campaigns. I studied physics and astrophysics so I have a lot of fun reading articles and I particularly like when I can put what I learn into practice at work.

Outside of work I love any activity that involves nature: hiking, camping, surfing (although I’m pretty bad) and walking my dogs. I love chilling at home with my dogs and husband, making dinner, watching movies, playing the guitar, reading and gaming.”

Reason for joining Big Rock?

“I really enjoyed the interview process – it showed me that the team has great synergy, and I was really impressed with how well organised everything was.”


Paid Digital Media Manager

“I grew up in Western Australia where I graduated with an Advertising degree and started working for the largest agency in Perth, Dentsu Aegis where I honed my skills in digital advertising and worked with great clients such as Tourism Western Australia and Crown Casino.  I volunteered for a science museum where I helped with shows and events where I later accepted a job working in content, social and digital marketing.   

After a year at the science museum, I moved to London and I’ve been here for 18 months!  My first job in London was with indie agency Goodstuff, where I learnt everything about the UK market.  I developed a love of analysing data and discovering insights that can form powerful actions to improve performance and positively impact on business.        

Outside of work I enjoy running and hiking in the countryside, going to museums, cooking (and eating!) and riding motorbikes.”   

Reason for joining Big Rock?

“I had my interview with Elodie, Charlie, and Robyn who seemed like really nice people. Culture and teamwork are really important to me, which is the main reason why I joined. I was also keen to work in an agency heavily focussed on performance in digital as this is something that I’m really interested in.”


Account Executive

“I graduated with a degree in English and Related Literature at York University.  After uni, I moved to Australia for a year where I worked on Hamilton Island and a cherry farm.  Whilst in Australia, I set up a travel blog which I when I realised, I wanted to work in marketing.  I then travelled to South America for 6 months after which I moved back to London and started a job as a Marketing and Communications Executive at Oktra, an office design company where I gained lots of experience in copywriting.  I wanted to move to an agency and work with exciting and progressive brands and I moved to Big Rock 5 months ago!”

Reason for joining Big Rock?

“Working with Big Rock is a really exciting opportunity to work with brands that are shaping the future.”