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Get instant access to a dynamic mix of strategists, channel specialists and creatives whose singular goal is to help you maximise your online growth through social media marketing.

Need expert support in activating your social campaigns?

Social media success is about more than simply likes and shares. To achieve meaningful engagement, you need activation that leads to participation. We’re here to help you turn impressions into something a little more impressive. 

Looking to scale across multiple channels and markets?

Social media is the most cost-effective way to scale up sales and other activities. Yet if you want to ensure ROI as well as Reach, you need to create and monitor multiple touchpoints with a single-minded media strategy. That’s where we come in. 

Everything you need to run multi-channel social campaigns in one neat package.

We have all your core essentials covered..

Get instant access to a dynamic mix of strategists, channel specialists and creatives whose singular goal is to help you maximise online growth through social media marketing. 

Our scientific approach focuses on:

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Commonly asked questions.
  • We are very experienced across the main forms of paid advertising, from search engines, video platforms, social media, programmatic and display. Most of our work is via Google, Meta, LinkedIn and Youtube but we love to dive into newer platforms, such as TikTok should we see an opportunity for success.

  • The world of paid search is one that continues to evolve, both in terms of the tools available and the strategies that get results. Ultimately, we create strategies focussed on the end business objective and select the best channels and account structures to meet that goal. Our approach isn’t copy-paste, but there are some core ways of working we employ for all clients that help form the core pillars of our work.

  • We use a mix of manual and automated processes to make sure all elements of any account are checked on regularly. Our main manual processes are at least once per week with other automated work done daily.

  • We get asked this a lot and always want to take a realistic approach. Whilst we can’t promise results, we can promise we’ll do everything in our power to achieve your targets. For most clients, we aim to start seeing a difference in performance within the first month with real, measurable progress within the first three months.

  • Above aim, we want to be a strategic partner, not just another agency. Before spending anything, we ensure we have a full understanding of your business, your objectives and your preferred way of working. You will have a direct point of contact who, with the wider Big Rock team, evolve your strategy to reflect your requirements and involve you at every step of the way, with regular catch-ups, weekly reporting and proactive decision-making all coming as standard.

Tell us about your paid social needs.

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  • How Big Rock works
  • How you can do design at scale better, faster and cheaper
  • How we’re different from agencies, freelancers and in-house design teams (hint: we’re 20x faster than hiring!)
  • The most suitable subscription plan for your needs
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