For better or worse: How AI is changing marketing in 2018

The impact of AI on marketing and marketers in 2018

AI and big data initiatives and applications are already a mainstay within modern-day marketing. However there is a growing divide between those who are integrating wherever possible and those sticking with traditional methods.

Interviewing 100 senior (decision-making) marketers from a range of industries, we set out to understand the extent to which AI technology has been accepted by the marketing industry, the changes already occurring, and whether or not marketers should be worried about losing their jobs to data-crunching bots in the years to come.

The 2018 AI report includes:

  • The current pick-up levels of AI in marketing
  • The key areas of AI investment
  • Stats & advice on AI integration
  • How marketers can adapt to thrive alongside AI applications
  • Actionable insight on ways to handle the transition
  • All the further changes that are coming
  • And so much more!

How AI is changing marketing

Alternatively, (if you’re in a bit of rush) here’s a handy breakdown of some of our key findings. Feel free to share as you please!

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