The best marketing automation tools for businesses: Our top 20

Marketing is a vital component of any modern business. In an ever-changing and increasingly complicated marketing landscape, involving a multitude of media platforms, it’s vital that marketers are able to streamline their campaigns and develop a digital marketing strategy fit for 2018.

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One way of achieving this is through marketing automation tools.

To help you find the right tool for your business, here’s a list of 20 of the best marketing automation tools currently around. We’ve included benefits as well as some of their negative sides, so you can get a feel for what will work best for your business.


Marketo works on multiple platforms and offers an effective marketing management capability, including lead generation, targeted email, site visitor tracking and search marketing.

Marketo has been praised for its wide variety of marketing tools, and users of the tool say that is has improved with each year. On a negative note, users have found the features underwhelming and there is a feeling that it may not be the right tool for smaller businesses. As there are so many available options, the pricing of Marketo varies widely.

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Hubspot offers a wide range of marketing automation tools, including the use of real time data, the monitoring of leads and the construction of automated workflows around the marketing goals of a business.

Customers who have reviewed Hubspot praise the tool for its integration as well as the endless amounts of educational blogs and articles on the site, while users feel there could be an improvement with their social media integration. Hubspot has a free account available, and offers a starter package (£42 per month), basic (£165 per month), professional (£655 per month), and enterprise (£1,960 per month).


The principal marketing opportunities offered by OutMarket are the automation of workflows, lead scoring and a dedicated campaign management tool.

Outmarket’s ease of use and speed are their main strong points, with many reviewers happy with their services, although there have been some negative reviews based on their email marketing system. Pricing starts at $300 per month for a basic account, with a plus account costing $600 per month, $1,000 for a pro account and the enterprise packaging costing $2,500 per month.


Salesfusion is effective on multiple platforms, specialising in providing marketing solutions for medium sized B2B organisations, including email marketing, lead capturing, tracking website visitors and overall marketing campaign management.

Salesfusion’s customer service has been lauded by a number of its users, as well as the email builder. From some of the reviews, it appears that improvements need to be made in landing page creation. Pricing varies, but starts at £545 a month and goes up to £1,200.


The principal features of Integrate include the automation of manual data procedures, accelerating data quality and leads and enhancing the effectiveness of marketing efficiency.

Integrate’s customer service team and speed of response are among the positive attributes of their service. Although most of the reviews of Integrate are positive, there have been a few negative comments about being a little bit difficult for people without tech skills using the platform. There is no public information about the pricing of Integrate.


One of the stand-out features of BuzzPortal is its wide ranging set of communication features, including voice mail, email and social media.

Buzzportal is praised primarily for their dedication to both inbound and outbound communication tools, although there aren’t many reviews of the tool out there and currently there has been nothing negative been said about it. There is limited pricing information out ther for Buzzportal although apparently there is a free version available.


Specialising in Adwords marketing campaigns, Bizible also offers multiple integrations, a comprehensive history of leads and limitless custom reports.

Like a number of tools on the list, Bizible’s customer service garners large praise. Customers also like its integration with Sales Force. Negative comments are few and far between, although it has been mentioned that some customers would like to see more resources and articles from Bizible. Public pricing information is not available, although you can request It on the Bizible website.


CampaignDrive by Pica9 is dedicated to enabling local marketers to increase efficiency and improve campaign results, with capability over a multitude of channels.

CampaignDrive’s new CD4 system is universally complimented by users and reviewers as well as their customer service. One reviewer mentioned that the tool is quite daunting with difficulty in accessing particular templates. CampaignDrive offers three pricing packages – Essential ($4,000 per month), ramp up ($8,250 per month) and full scale ($18,000 per month). The pricing is probably out of range of many smaller businesses.


Its multi-device and multi-platform re-targeting capability enables AdRoll to offer marketers a fully customised experience to improve their product marketing and provide dedicated optimisation and reporting.

Adroll’s users like the fact that it’s simple to manage all client accounts and see all the data in one place. All positive reviews mention how simple the interface is to use. Unfortunately, there have been a few negative mentions of the customer service. Pricing information is available on request on the website.


Offering marketing products across multiple channels and a variety of publishing tools such as targeted email campaigns, Bremy enables marketers to create customised solutions to enhance the effectiveness of their campaigns.

Sadly there aren’t any reviews or public pricing information of Bremy online.


Genoo provides a wide range of automation tools including lead database and capture forms, tracking and SEO analysis. Genoo is a valuable tool for anyone who wants to enhance the performance of their business marketing campaign.

Customer reviews of Genoo are overwhelmingly positive, with an emphasis being places on simple functuality and variety of tools.  Although some people have found it difficult to search for leads, it is said that whenever a customer needs help, the service team are always helpful. Pricing starts at $199 per month for their standard package, but also offers a premium service ($599 per month) as well as elite ($1495 per month).


A complete marketing automation option, eTriigue offers an easy to use drag and drop campaign designing tool in addition to real time support, one to one email marketing and a host of other features to help to boost a marketing plan.

eTrigue’s DemandCenter application is said to be up there with the best marketing automation tools out there. There are also reports of the list building systems and email templates being highly satisfactory. The tool’s feedback is overwhelmingly positive, however a couple of reviewers mentioned that it can take time to learn how to use the features. There isn’t a lot of pricing information out there but subscriptions start at $600 per month.

Sales Engine International

Another platform that specialises in providing market automaton for B2B businesses, Sales Engine International allows its users to run and optimise multiple campaigns. It also combines this with a straightforward content creation facility in its comprehensive platform.

SEI’s content generation and email creation have been praised heavily, as well as customer support. There have been a couple of negative comments about the system’s ease of use, meaning non-technical users may struggle with the framework. There is no public pricing information for this tool.


As its name suggests, this automation tool concentrates on landing leads. With the capacity to be integrated with a wide range of applications and other tools, it also offers a powerful reporting capability.

Reviewers are in agreement that LeadSquared is among the best lead generation tools out there. There have also been many positive comments about the landing page feature. Despite mostly fantastic reviews, there have been a few gripes about the pricing of the tool. However, these comments came from customers who gave good reviews overall. There are two pricing platforms. The marketing automation package starts at $200 per month and the sales + mobile CRM starts at $15 per month per user. There is no further public information.


With a complete suite of automation tools, CommuniGator also provides follow up responses to recorded triggers, allowing a marketing campaign to develop seamlessly in accordance with changing forces.

Users’ favourite feature of CommuniGator is the email automation. Setting up an email campaign is said to be quick and easy, as well as it being easy to analyse the results of the campaign. It’s quite difficult to find anything negative said about CommuniGator, although one customer mentioned that he would like the campaign totals to be exported when an activity report is run as he normally has to add them manually. Pricing information for Communigator isn’t available, however you can request pricing through their website.


Distribion is another total marketing automation solution with a comprehensive range of features across multiple channels.

Distribion’s reliability, reasonable pricing, distribution of lead creation and email lists are all praised by the tool’s customers. On a negative note, it appears that the platform could improve its user friendliness. Although public pricing information is not available, many customers have commented on Distribion’s reasonable costs.


Cascade is another platform offering multi-channel marketing opportunities and the facility to manage multiple marketing campaigns simultaneously. Its reporting tools facilitate greater efficiency and more effective marketing campaigns.

Cascade scores 4.7 out of 5 stars from 22 reviews on G2 Crowd, which indicates a high level of satisfaction with the tool. Among its positive attributes, the software is said to be incredibly easy to us and navigate. Cascade’s packages start at $21 per month for basic, $29 per month for pro, $48 per month for enterprise and enterprise plus prices available on request. The costing means Cascade is a viable option for smaller businesses.

Gravity Factor

With a “What You See Is What You Get” editor, Gravity Factor is a simple to use platform that offers multiple marketing automation tools, including AB testing and e-commerce options. Sadly, it was difficult to find reviews for Gravity Factor as well as pricing information, although they do offer a 30 day free trial through their website.

Green Rope

A total Customer Relationship Management and marketing automation tool, Green Rope allows you to manage every component of a marketing campaign.

Green Rope’s customer service and support team have been mentioned as a positive aspect of the tool, although it has also been mentioned that there should be reminders of the support to save customers time. That said, it’s a very small negative among mostly fantastic reviews. There are two set up prices available for Green Rope – $399 for standard account set up and $499 for premium account set up. There are then 7 monthly options available, starting at $149 for a starter account, with the ultimate account being the most expensive at $699 per month.


Dialog Tech, or Ifbyphone, offers marketing automation via call analytics to measure marketing prospects.

As with so many of the tools on this list, people who reviewed it really like the customer service offered. The recorded call viewer is also a very popular feature of Ifbyphone. Some customers felt let down by how complicated the system is. Pricing information is not available.

If you know of any good marketing automation tools that are not on this list, please feel free to get in touch.

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