Wall Street Journal

Always on Social Creative

Project Overview.

The Wall Street Journal is one of the most respected news organisations in the world and has a huge range of creative content requirements. They approached Big Rock to provide creative and design support across all their main marketing functions. With such a huge global reach, below is just a snapshot of the 80+ creative assets we delivered every day to help their marketing team drive online engagement and new subscriptions to the publication.

Thought Leadership Promotion

Thought leadership and feature articles are a huge driver of readership for The Wall Street Journal. To support their promotions, we were tasked with delivering the creative identity and social assets used to promote this type of longer form content.


As well as the ongoing editorial creative needs, we provide creative ideation support for more tactical and strategic campaigns. This included pitching creative concepts, creating new visual identities and delivering creative assets in a huge range of formats.

Direct Response

A huge priority for the Wall Street Journal marketing team is to drive new subscriptions for their range of online platforms. Big Rock played a critical role in producing eye-catching direct response assets across display, social, web and email.


The Wall Street Journal puts on a vast array of events, each requiring its own creative content. As part of their subscription, Big Rock supported with crafting visual identities, as well as designing signage and promotional assets to support the events team.


By seamlessly integrating with The Wall Street Journal’s project management platforms such as Asana and helping the team to streamline the briefing and feedback process, we were able to drive a huge reduction in the cost of production while at the same time significantly increasing the speed of delivery.


Reduction in cost per asset.


Assets delivered every day.


Total assets delivered to date