Creative Partner

Project Overview.

For over 5 years Big Rock has provided ongoing creative support to the PepsiCo internal marketing team, working across a huge range of internal communications initiatives. From helping them navigate the global communication challenges of Covid to launching exciting employee innovation initiatives and much much more.


  • Creative Ideation
  • Digital Design
  • Development
  • Copywriting
  • Animation

Strategic Approach.

With the amount of day-to-day communications that PepsiCo employees receive on a daily basis, bland & corporate simply wouldn’t cut it. Below is a just a selection of work that we have created for them over the years.

A new design system for internal communication during lockdown.

By combining a fun but empathetic TOV with fun, eye-catching, saturated 2D cartoons, we were able to help PepsiCo demonstrate that they understood the challenges employees faced, while at the same time providing them with fun and eye-catching strategic support and guidelines to help them navigate the changes in work-life balance.

Bringing to life PesiCo’s next generation of innovations.

As part of PepsiCo’s next big idea campaign we branded the finalist ideas as well as creating a host of design assets to promote the overall competition.