Paid Search

The Challenge

SCIEX came to us when they realised that their advertising had become disorganised, with objectives that were outdated and budgets that were out of control. Our task was to align their growing Google Ads accounts to meet their evolving business needs.


There was also a need to shift to ‘impression share’ objectives, which demanded an easier-to-manage structure and better budget forecasting.

Restructuring Global PPC Account.

After an in-depth discovery and review session, our expert team created a set of potential account structures, partnered with detailed spend forecasts, aiming to get the right balance between campaign volume, ease of use and level of control. Outside of the stated impression share targets, SCIEX wanted to have easy manipulation of budgets between campaign types, strict control over keyword match types and clear divisions between their global marketplaces.

One of our proposed options was a perfect fit and we began to build this out, looking for a fast turnaround whilst ensuring that the SCIEX team had full visibility of our work.

Despite the size of the build, we also ensured our full end-to-end account check process took place, which meant that when the new campaigns were enabled, targeting setting were already at their most optimal.

With seven separate accounts complete, the marketing team at SCIEX took control, with clear objectives, structures and ways to control their advertising now in place.